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The Butterfly effekt.

Children’s drawings and thoughts on 500 butterflies from all over the world, originating from a bridge in Bærum/ Norway. We call it the butterfly effect.  

What if we could gather 500 drawings and thoughts from children about the things that have been important for them in the time of corona. What do they remember, what was good, what was in focus, and what did they learn in the time of big and small change? How were their lives made different, how was the time with their families and friends spent or not spent? The UN: Convention on the Rights of the Child claims that all children have a right to be heard. This is an artwork that will take the thoughts of children seriously.


Sjøholmen House of art and culture in Sandvika, Bærum received in 2020 a grant from the city of Bærum to collect all of these thoughts. Children from Bærum and Kenya have written their thoughts about Covid-19 and the time that followed on to a butterfly. The butterflies will make a kaleidoscope that will land on a bridge in Sandvika. Many has flown into the world to spread the message. The project will continue, to gather children thoughts from all of the continent so that in the future, we will know the feelings and thoughts of 2020  


The butterfly is drawn by artist Gro Mukta Holter as a canvas. She and her daughter chose the Bluewing-Butterfly, an endangered species, and an important symbol of this project. The name: Butterfly effect is a theory that butterflies flapping of its wings on one side of the world has the capacity of creating a hurricane on the other side of the world, given the right momentum. The hurricane can be translated into a storm of kind words and actions. A smile to a stranger or a loving act might cause ripple effects far beyond what we can imagine. Words of recognition can help children understand that we are all connected, even though there’s is long distances between us. Are we really that different? To live in isolation in the slum might be very different from living in a villa in Bærum, but on the inside, what do the children miss the most, what is in their proximity, and what seems very far away. What happens when we are at a distance from everyday life?

At: www.butterflyword.com you will find at QR code at every butterfly that will take you to a video and to the collection of all the butterflies. You can yourself download the butterfly, paint, draw, write, design and send it to: mette@sjøholmen.com and it will be featured on these pages. They will also be printed out, and sent out in to the world.