Sjøholmen art and culture house is a social entrepreneurship in a villa from 1898 of 1500 sqm. For three years, the company has met more than 30,000 children through visits to the house and external cultural productions. We focus on cross-aesthetic art where art forms and genres slide into each other. Cross-aesthetic art is one of the fields where art's community involvement is most clearly expressed. In our house, we share expertise through artistic development work and dissemination to a wide audience.

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We are seven creative cultural industries gathered under one roof and with a network of cultural actors connected to the house. The house contains Sanseloft for children, production facilities for professional local artists, shop, café and art gallery. Outside, we have a unique underwater sculpture park with Jason Taylor where new artificial reefs create new marine life, a new unique digital art park adapted to Covid-19 and new arenas for dissemination, decoration projects with 500 children's thoughts about the Covid era and a great collaboration with a landscape architect to develop food, land type, environment and the maritime areas around the house.



We work with sculpture, film, photography, theater, digital forms of expression and visual art. There are fluid transitions between professional art life and amateur culture. After two years of operation, the common goal is to be a viable contributor to cultural and economic value creation. Sjøholmen Art and Culture Center shall be characterized by a production environment with a high degree of visibility locally and internationally.



We have a goal of working with several forms of expression and see that the outdoor environment with the fjord pool provides opportunities for bio art, land art, architectural constructions, sound-based expressions, actions, text, workshops, garden art, food art and various combinations of these.